king salmon marlborough

The cover image is kindly supplied by New Zealand King Salmon Co. Ltd

Marlborough is a great place for comfort food and locally produced fresh straight from the farm.

We are spoiled every month for seasonal delights that can be added to our recipes for the most amazing dishes. 

As a local we were brought up with lamb, beef, pork, fish, chicken, venison, duck, with our fresh potatoes from the garden, the beans, peas harvested next door fresh from the pod. Juicy flavoured tomatoes grown outdoors and also in glass houses.  Asparagus in September, Fejoias, strawberries, raspberries, boysenberries, blueberries in December and January along with rich dark red and flesh coloured cherries. Marlborough has grown garlic for years and has expanded into unique flavours with garlic noir that when processed is supreme garlic in melted butter over the steak or potato.  

During February and early March our apricots and nectarines are at roadside stalls like most of the above.
Innovated country and town folk making country preserves of  jams, chutneys and jellies. 
Honey too is popular and especially our therapeutic Manuka Honey.
Cheeses are now provided by The Cranky Goat - yes goats feta and with a taste to remember. Other cheeses from Nelson and Motueka are sought after.
Specially locally made oils and liqueurs are also treat 

Everything is on our doorstep and now as our Salmon and Mussel industry grows - we are well known for our succulent seafood platters at our country and town restaurants.
You may not find lamb chops on the menu but certainly a pure lamb burger or lamb hotpot.
Hunting for wild boar and deer is an ongoing sport and now our venison is farmed to treat not only locals but our visitors. 

September comes along and we look forward to our REAL whitebait!. Nothing like a white bread (must be white and fresh) and butter with a white bait pattie inside.
Delicious!  Just use beaten egg, a pinch of salt.
Although we have restrictions in our Marlborough Sounds from time to time, a piece of blue cod caught straight from the sea cant be beaten.
You can choose snapper, gurnard, tarakihi, and find served at most of our restaurants.

Our winery cafes and restaurants  all have outstanding menus with chefs that understand that we want the best flavours and that we want to share them with you.There is a choice of great lunch spots from picturesque garden settings to hillside spots with views of our Wairau Valley and vineyards. An Ol' English Pub is also popular, not because of it's english decor but our kiwi owners serve all local Marlborough cuisine, along with local award winning wines, beers and spirits.  The pretty beer garden also has an oven fired pizza oven for your pleasure and again using local produce toppings.
You will want to try our our Green Lipped mussels that can be eaten rare (marinated), cooked with chilli, tomato salsa and more. If you want to find out more about our mussel farming that can be on offer.
Our salmon farms produce salmon  the greatest of flavours just right as a salmon steak or chopped into a salad with a touch of chilli.

King salmon is the largest species of the Pacific salmon family (which includes Sockeye, Coho and Pink salmon). Also called Chinook, it is heralded as the very best salmon species in terms of taste, texture and nutritional quality.

Your Local Chauffeur can take you there so you can experience Marlborough's best tastes and aromas.

 We haven't even touched on the fudges, local ice-cream and gelatos and Makana which is a must stop for everyone with their boutique chocolate confections.

Come and see and taste for yourself.

Plan your holiday with at least three days in mind here in Marlborough. Wine one day, Food and Scenic the next and the third day out on the water to investigate our beautiful Marlborough Sounds.


Image kindly supplied by New Zealand King Salmon Co. Ltd 








Here is a Taste of Marlborough compliments of Tastemade and Bondi Harvest.

I had the pleasure of escorting some of the crew to their locations over the five days of their stay..

Great Bunch, Lots of fun and amazing cuisine........

Paripuma Lodge is the perfect place .................


Thanks Guys and Gals