Marlborough has become a popular New Zealand destination to sample the fantastic award winning wines, the outstanding scenic landscapes that our visitors find breath-taking and the Marlborough Sounds that offers a private and relaxing holiday on the  edges of the tranquil bays. With activities of boating where the waterways are not crowded, have fun fishing and nothing like fresh fish straight from the sea. Marlborough can boast the most sunshine hours in New Zealand and what a sight to see the water sparkling like jewels in the sun and in the moonlight glistening like pearls.

The Marlborough region encompasses several great townships each with a unique interest of its' own.

BLENHEIM is the largest town of 36,000 people and the main hub with hospitals both public and private, Main Post Office, rail and air terminals.

Activities: The Wine trail and wine tasting, biking trails and walking tracks on the Wither Hills and around the countryside, enjoy a falcon display of our endangered Karakea, visit the Omaka Heritage Air Centre for the amazing displays of Peter Jackson's classic aircraft, kayak in our wetlands and meet our local bird life, horse riding, axe throwing, art galleries, visit a sheep farm and feed the pet sheep, wander through some of our award winning gardens, gourmet lunches and tapas at amazing winery restaurants. 


The photo above shows the Blenheim Clock Tower and Fountain in Seymour Square.

'Greater love hath no man than this; that a man lay down his life for his friends'.

Blenheim's War Memorial and Clock Tower was unveiled in Seymour Square in 1928 and serves as the Marlborough province's principal monument to 419 residents killed during the First World War. The 16.5 metre clock tower was designed by Roger Bacon and cost £4450, paid for entirely by public subscriptions.
The stone used to construct the tower was collected from all over the Marlborough region to permanently represent the contributions of all its towns to the war effort. Australian sandstone symbolises the co-operation between New Zealand and Australian forces during the conflict.
Located adjacent to the memorial fountain, which commemorates those that served in the Second World War, the tower remains the centre of ANZAC Day celebrations.




Here is an inside story from Brian - owner of Mahi Wines. Private appointments are available for you to have an inside view too!


A short video on Marlborough Highlights - Pamela Your Local Chauffeur has put this together as a home edition! More professional videos to follow!  


Things you may like to know ...

Climate: High sunshine hours, moderate temperatures, warm days and cool nights - great for locals, great for grapes
Summer can be quite hot - up to 26 -30 degrees C. Winter can have cool mornings and beautiful sunny days of 16 - 19 Degrees C.
At any time of the year you can find lots to see and do in Marlborough!

  • Annual Average Sunshine - 2,409 hours
  • Annual Average Rainfall - 655 mm
  • Marlborough's Population: 46,170
  • Land Area: 14,534 sq km
  • Vineyards to compare in land area: 230 sq km
  • Mount Tapuae-o-Uenuku is the highest peak of the Kaikoura Ranges and highest in NZ bar the Southern Alps
    and is seen in its' glory peaking over the top of the southern hill ranges.
  • The Rainbow skii field is only 2 hours drive and the St Arnaud area offers great holiday cottages and lake walks. Follow the West Coats highway.
  • The beautiful Wairau Valley is referred to by Maori as "Kei puta te Wairau' - The place with the hole in the cloud
  • 'Wairau' the name given to our main river, our Valley and Plains has a Maori meaning: 'Wai' meaning water and 'rau' meaning flowing