Marlborough the Heart of Wine.

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If you are coming to Marlborough on a Cruise Ship tour or a self drive holiday or planning a New Zealand tour of both North and South Islands of New Zealand then you must include the Marlborough wine region.
To see as much as you can three days is a minimum stay to take advantage of a relaxing wine tour to taste our sensational wines and include our local gourmet cuisine, scenic beauty and time on our idyllic Marlborough Sounds. Water and land activities to suit everyone and every age.

Our grape harvest is from mid-March through to end April and a very nice time to visit in terms of seeing the vineyard activity and a little more quiet than the high season period of January and February. 

Marlborough's busy time is so much fun and you may wish to time it to enjoy our Wine and Food Festival that is held every year on the second Saturday of February.
Our winery garden cafes and restaurants are all unique and you can sit back with a glass of wine and local tapas and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the Wairau Valley. 

For those that would like more on below.....

Sauvignon Blanc 17,725ha 

Pungently aromatic, vividly pure fruit, herbaceous and exotically tropical, plus mineral depths, Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is an international brand in its own right.

Food Match
Wonderful with a Greek salad, any seafood dish, fresh green herbs, red tomato based sauces and of course, fresh Marlborough green-lipped mussels.

Pinot Noir 2,492ha 

Going from strength to strength as committed growers refine both clones and sites. Displays dark cherry and plums with a red fruited spicy background, mid-weight, fine tannins.

Food Match
Roast lamb, duck or game.

Chardonnay 1,038ha

From all the bells and whistles to unoaked styles, Marlborough produces well structured Chardonnay with excellent intensity and complexity. Stone fruit and citrus abound.

Food Match
Rich cheeses, creamy pasta and full flavoured seafood dishes.


Pinot Gris - 968ha,


Reisling - 309ha,

Food Match
Grilled fish and a simple salad.

Gewürztraminer - 92ha,


Viognier - 17ha

Food Match
Viognier (pronounced vee-on-yee-ay) is a rich, exotically fruity white, sometimes achieving quite high levels of alcohol.
It generally pairs well with ingredients and dishes that match well with chardonnay and oaked chenin blancs but with a spicier twist.
Mild creamy curries like kormas or spicy south-east Asian curries, spicy dishes with a hint of peach or apricot, echoing the flavours in the wine
Mild spicy noodle dishes like Pad Thai
Chicken salads with apricot, peach or mango
Fruity chicken - and even lamb - tagines with apricot
Dishes with ginger, saffron and coconut
Chicken, pork or rabbit with creamy sauces, especially if the dish includes a dash of viognier itself.
Rich shellfish dishes such as seared scallops, grilled lobster and baked crab, especially with a hint of spice
Creamy and buttery cheeses
Sweet root vegetables especially carrots, parsnips and sweet potatoes and spicy butternut squash

Riesling, Pinot Gris and Gewürztraminer reflect the region’s purity and vivacity. Styles range from dry to sweet, taut to lush, including late harvest and botrytised wines.


Grüner Veltliner shows promise, Viognier and Syrah have their champions too; everything from Arneis to Tempranillo is being explored as Marlborough continues to push its boundaries.

Gruner Veltliner

Food Match
Asparagus served either in a salad or warm with hollandaise. Even Asparagus Soup
Artichokes Gruner is great
Smoked ham, especially cut wafer thin
Smoked fish like smoked salmon or trout.
Raw fish such as sushi, sashimi, carpaccio and tartares - especially with Asian seasoning like ginger or wasabi
Salads Especially seafood salads with an Asian twist and salads with apple, kohlrabi or cucumber
Dishes with herbs - Grüner pairs beautifully with dishes that contain herbs especially dill, tarragon, mint and parsley.
Chicken with a herb crust for example.
Light vegetable dishes such as braised fennel a courgette/zucchini gratin or a vegetable-based quiche.
Leafy greens especially cabbage, sprouts and kale. Think 'green wine, green vegetables'
Spicy but not over-hot south-east Asian dishes with ginger or galangal and lemongrass. Like dim sum, light stir-fries and mild Thai curries.

Grüner is especially good with Vietnamese food particularly summer rolls and noodle salads.
Fried foods, schnitzel, fish and chips or even fried chicken.
Fresh cheeses like goats cheese, young pecorino or mozzarella.
You can also pair Gruner Veltliner with many seafood and vegetable-based pasta dishes or risottos perhaps not with cooked tomato sauces.

Production of high-quality méthode traditionelle wines is small but critically renowned. Bright citrus fruit with fine body and acidity; excellent value for the first-rate quality.



Family owned: Jane Hunter - First Lady of Wine and an internationally respected vintner and recipient of the prestigious UK Women in Wine Award. Has an OBE and appointed a Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit (CNZM) for services to viticulture.

Miru Miru (Bubbles) considered their flag ship wine.

Hunter's is the only Marlborough vineyard established in the 1970s to still be owned by its original family - more than 30 years after being founded.
Sauvignon blanc put New Zealand on the world wine map. The 1985 vintages from Hunter's, Montana and Cloudy Bay introduced the British wine-drinking public to New Zealand wine and Sauvignon Blanc has been connected with wine from the Marlborough region ever since. 


Family owned: Barbara Lawson. Founded by the late Ross and Barbara Lawson in 1992
Specialising in Gewurztraminer and one of New  Zealand's finest.
All grapes are sourced here in Marlborough. The first original owners in 1873 had grown grapes hereon this land.

Ross was one of the instigators of the screw cal with the first bottling at Lawson's in 2002.
The first original owners in 1873 had grown grapes here.

Their philosophy: To produce premium Marlborough wines of great character, quality and varietal expression.


Owned by Tom and Fiona Hutchison who started out as contract growers and then created their own label in 2005.

Their philosophy is to express the pure distinct flavours from their vineyard site. They are certified organic with many bio-dynamic principles with a cellar door and restaurant opening in 2011 they provide us with deliciously fresh organic food echoing just how we all like to live.

All labels feature the Fibonacci sequence as the base of creating the labels.  The sequence was discovered in the 15th Century by Leonardi of Pisa (aka Fibonacci) and is a mathematical equation reflecting nature’s growth patterns in plants and animals.  It shows itself as a spiral.  We liked this because it reflected our philosophies in growing and making wine and in the food we like to serve at our café. (organic, in rhythm with nature, and working with reflecting nature)


Privately owned: Anna and Jason Fariday

The vines are 8 years old and the grapes are pre-selected for consistency and taste.
Toru is one of their most deilcious blends.

Te Whare Ra - House of the Sun

Owners comments:

Riesling 'D' SV 5182: We love Riesling as a variety for its purity, elegance and age ability and believe that our old vines (planted in late 70s/early 80s) combined with the growing conditions and climate here in Marlborough are capable of making world class Riesling. The TWR Riesling ‘M’ is Certified Organic.

Toru SV 5182: TORU – which means “three” in Maori is an aromatic blend we have created and is made from three varieties – Gewürztraminer, Riesling and Pinot Gris. We are passionate about these classic Alsatian varieties and we spent a great deal of time coming up with the right proportions in the blend. We were aiming for a wine that displayed the essence of all three varieties whilst creating a distinctive and interesting wine in its own right. It has the aromatic spice and weight of Gewürztraminer, the structure and length of Riesling, and the great texture of Pinot Gris. The TWR Toru is Certified Organic. 


Founded in 1992 by Michael Seresin.

The subtle hand print is a symbol of the individual and creative endeavour working traditionally with the natural elements.
Orgaincally and Bio-dynamically grown, hand tended and hand picked to create artisan wines of passion, grace and spirit. Bio-dynamically certified for both grapes and olives in the internationally recognised DeMeter System. Bringing 5000 Olive trees from Tuscany in 1999 under the same system provide one of the best oils  in Marlborough. Tuscan varieties with such fresh peppery and intense flavour.

Sauvignon, Viogner, Rielsling Late Harvest, Pinot Noir

Certified organic and biodynamically grown - Suitable for vegetarians and vegans - No dairy products or eggs used during production.


Dryland’s Founding Winemaker, Darryl Woolley is one of the most seasoned and knowledgeable winemakers in New Zealand, with more than 30 years’ experience handcrafting wines of extraordinary character from the Home Block vineyard.

Drylands holds the distinction of being one of New Zealand’s first wineries to produce vibrant and intensely flavoured Sauvignon Blanc from the famous Marlborough region on the South Island.

WITHER HILLS           

Established in 1994, with vineyards strategically sited throughout Marlborough’s Wairau Valley, Wither Hills has always been dedicated to the philosophy that exceptional wines are ‘created in the vineyard’. The winery is named after the imposing Wither Hills ranges, which form a dramatic backdrop to our vineyards which enjoy long sunlight hours, cool nights and are nourished by the waters of the Wairau River. 

Wither Hills Cellar Door is the perfect location to leisurely enjoy a complimentary tasting of their full range – including their exclusive Cellar Release wines. Look out over the valley from the four story tower or simply laze in the grassed courtyard on a beanbag with a great glass of wine.



The Rose family were pioneers in the now prestigious Rapaura district, their foresight in 1978 recognising the potential for the region’s free draining stony soil and abundantly pure artesian water. After supplying grapes for other producers for several years, Phil and Chris decided in 1991 to release a wine under their own label and so the Wairau River label was born.

Now, after almost 40 years in the industry, all five children are also involved from the viticulture and winemaking side to finance, administration and the running of the very popular Wairau River restaurant. Wairau River has partners in over 25 international markets across all channels.


Founder & Owner, Sir George Fistonich has spent five decades at the forefront of New Zealand’s wine industry that he helped develop. As an icon of the New Zealand wine industry, they are known for bold and industry-changing moves such as moving to 100% screw cap through to the emphasis on sustainable practices in every area of the family owned company.

Villa Maria lay claim to the title of New Zealand's most awarded winery for over 30 years. 


Owned by Neal and Judy Ibbotson, who are the directors of the winery with more than 30 years viticulture knowledge of the Marlborough region. The company is a family business with the next generation also involved.

The company's mission is to create world-class wines that exceed their customers' every expectation. Neal Ibbotson combines his extensive viticultural expertise plus Marlborough’s mix of climate and soils with the talent of one of New Zealand’s leading winemaking teams, led by Matt Thomson and Hamish Clark.

At Doctor’s Creek Vineyard, Neal and Judy’s key varieties are Sauvignon Blanc Riesling and Pinot Noir. They have successfully experimented with top grafting Pinot Noir (using Dijon clones) in adjoining properties, where more clay under the sub-soil is providing some intense and interesting flavours.

Their Story

Saint Clair Family Estate is owned by Neal and Judy Ibbotson, viticulture pioneers in Marlborough since 1978. Grapes were originally supplied to local wine companies; however a desire to extend the quality achieved in the vineyard through to the finished wine led to the establishment of Saint Clair Family Estate in 1994.

The Saint Clair name originates from the vineyard property, first settled by the Sinclair family. Pioneer James Sinclair built one of the first homes in Blenheim and was closely associated with the early development of the town. Over time the name of the property reverted to the original Saint Clair.

From 1994 when wines from the first vintage all won medals including gold, the name Saint Clair has been synonymous with quality and its award-winning record continues today. Top International accolades include the trophy to Matt Thomson of Saint Clair for White Winemaker of the Year at the London International Wine Challenge, September 2008 and the coveted trophy for Best New Zealand Wine Producer of the Year at the International Wine and Spirit Competition 2005. Saint Clair Family Estate also has the distinction of being the first New Zealand wine company to win major international trophies for Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir in the same year.


The wines from No. 1 Family Estate in Marlborough, New Zealand, follow the traditions set over 12 generations by a family of winemakers in Champagne, France.

The New Zealand vineyard was set up in July 1997 by founder Daniel Le Brun, his wife Adele and their children Virginie and Remy. Their first wine, Cuvee No.1, was released in 1999.

No. 1 Family Estate is dedicated exclusively to Methode Traditionelle wines. All are produced from top-quality, hand-harvested grapes grown exclusively for making this style of wine and processed through the state-of-the-art equipment imported from Champagne. 



Owner Robert Hill Smith is a fifth-generation vigneron.

They are a small, family-owned winery based in the stunningly beautiful Marlborough region of New Zealand. We aim to craft delicious, food-friendly wines from the clean, cool and diverse valleys of Marlborough.

Their energetic and innovative viticulture and wine-making team takes the approach of blending several different fruit parcels to achieve layers of complexity in the wines, focusing on their texture and mouth-feel. 


MATUA WINES           

Founded by brothers, Bill and Ross Spence. Matua is one of New Zealand’s most internationally acclaimed wine brands.

Come 1966, they struck out on their own and bought some land with help from their grandmother and mother. By 1974, they produced their first vintage of Sauvignon Blanc and Matua was born.

Matua’s Ta Moko is a real treasure, a gift that we treat with the upmost respect. In Maori, Matua means ‘head of the family’, and our Ta Moko tells our story.



The primary emphasis for all of Mahi’s wines is texture, aiming for wines that give real palate satisfaction rather than fruit-bomb styles.

Mahi started in 2001 with an idea being to show the individuality of the various valleys and vineyards throughout Marlborough and this focus of recognising and celebrating the diversity within Marlborough still continues.

Just 10 mintues south of Picton and 15 minutes north of Blenheim

 Jointly owned and operated by Edel Everling and Warwick Foley.

Artisan boutique winery, producing wines from hand harvested grapes only in Marlborough.

With a long history of European tradition, and a good sense of Kiwi ingenuity, they have combined old world knowledge and customs with new world terroir and technology to produce a collection of outstanding New Zealand fine wines. 



Owners: Claire and Mike Allan

Claire and Mike have embarked on an organic journey, which has resulted in them following and committing to an organic approach and vision. They have taken this further by embracing the bio-dynamic world to complete their journey of working in partnership with the countryside around them.


Owned by Shin Yokoi and Tom Tenuwera.

Famed for its flagship wine, Elstree Cuvée Brut, its iconic Tuscan style viewing tower overlooking the Wairau Valley, outstanding summer dining restaurant and beautiful cellar door, it’s not hard to see why Highfield is one of the most visited wineries in Marlborough.

Attracting visitors from all around the world and situated on the Brookby Ridge, Highfield is surrounded beautiful Pinot Noir vines and has gained international recognition for its range of wines since it was established in 1989.



The estate breathes the soul of Hans and Therese Herzog – the very passionate, hardworking and hands-on owners who embrace a holistic approach. They love to share the fruit of their labour with visitors and only ever see themselves as stewards of this very special place they call home.

As a varietal specialist, Hans is one of the country’s most respected winemakers with over 40 vintages of wine growing under his belt. With meticulous attention to detail, Hans’ famed wines have stolen hearts all over the world and with an eclectic array of 29 different grape varieties there is something for everyone. 

From classic grape varieties like Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir to rarities including Viognier, Arneis, Gruner Veltliner, Nebbiolo, Zweigelt, Tempranillo and more. 


Founders: Brothers - Alex, Theo and Marcel

The German-born Giesen brothers possess a sense of adventure and determination; in 1981, they made the bold decision to leave their home and travel halfway around the world to make wine in New Zealand. Over the past 32 years, they have established 283 hectares of vineyards in Marlborough’s highly sought after Wairau Valley with one simple aim – make wines that people want to drink. Today Giesen is considered one of the eminent producers from New Zealand. Global distribution stretches into 30 countries around the world. 



Boutique family owned vineyard. Howard and Julie Simmonds.

The vineyard is close-planted, with over 5,500 vines, mainly to Pinot Gris, with smaller amounts of Gewurztraminer, Merlot, Syrah, Pinot Noir and Malbec. Howard and Julie are hands-on with Julie running the award winning cellar door and Howard taking full responsibility of the viticulture. The first vintage was in 2006, the wines made by Gordon Ritchie at Indevin, with Dave Tyney taking over in 2013, using the Marlborough Vintners facility. The Simmonds craft tiny quantities of distinctive and individual wines.


Wine growing at Fromm follows a simple philosophy: quality over quantity.

Staying true to the roots of our European founder George Fromm, they strive to make wines that reflect the vineyards in which the vines are grown. Since 1992 they have quietly developed a reputation for crafting distinctive single vineyard wines that genuinely illustrate our terroir. 



The original vineyard was established by Wellington engineer Rex Brooke-Taylor who took the name Framingham from his ancestral home town near Norwich, England. 

Today they are a family-owned So-grape company, their range includes Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Noir and Montepulciano. Our F-Series wines give us the freedom to push boundaries with wild fermentation, new varieties and new techniques.

Their Riesling vines are among the oldest in Marlborough, planted in 1981 they were some of the first vines grafted on phylloxera resistant rootstock in the area. 

SAUVIGNON BLANC: punchy passionfruit, grapefruit with a little barrel ferment. Their own signature for a mineral finish.
CHARDONNAY: stone fruit, citrus, cream and oatmeal flavours, gentle oak notes - a very vibrant wine.
CLASSIC RIESLING: lemon citrus, mandarin and stone fruit. A long mineral finish. A classic NZ off dry style. Rich, fruity and juicy.
MONTEPULCIANO: savoury, spicy, rich cherry, plum, dark chocolate, tobacco leaf finish. 


Owners: Drs John and Brigid Forrest

Grape growing and wine making is an exacting science, however it must have the artistic touch to give the wines 'soul'. That individual expression of style is the trademark of their wines - rich aromatic white wine, and powerfully scented reds - all impeccably structured and a joy to drink.

Wine is synonymous with the Marlborough region, but cycling is equally as famous in Marlborough, The Forrest Graperide brings 2500 cyclists from around the world into the wine region to compete in one of the worlds most beautifully scenic races. People come back year after year to ensure they go home with a bottle of Grape ride Pinot Noir. 



In 2003 Cloudy Bay was bought by the multinational luxury goods firm LVMH (Louis Vuitton - Moet Hennessy)

The original Cloudy Bay Estate, converted from barren sheep and cattle country to thriving vineyard in 1986. Located on Jacksons Road, this vineyard is the home of Cloudy Bay’s Cellar Door, and is the perfect spot to capture views of the magnificent Richmond Ranges, as depicted on the Cloudy Bay label.

Cloudy Bay wines are exported to over 30 markets, the principal ones being Australia, United Kingdom, USA, Europe and Japan.

Cloudy Bay Vineyards was a founding member of the New Zealand Integrated Wine grape Production scheme, set up to develop a programme for sustainable vineyard management, which is now monitored by Sustainable Wine growing New Zealand.  Cloudy Bay’s impeccable scorecard reflects the company’s commitment to environmentally friendly winery and vineyard management practices. 


A great little wine from Sancerre superstar Henri Bourgeois. Clos Henri is his property in New Zealand that was founded when Henri saw the potential to produce world class Sauvignon Blanc in Marlborough. 
The estate is BioGro Certified Organic and farmed by hand. This cuvée is from the estate's younger vines and is fermented in stainless steel to keep the flavors crisp and refreshing. A classic rendition of NZ Sauvignon Blanc. 90 points Wine Orbit: "It's delicately expressed yet persistent on the palate with grapefruit, feijoa and dill characters. The wine is vibrant and mouth-watering, beautifully complemented by fine texture and crisp acidity. The wine was made from young vines grown on their estate, and it was matured on fine lees for five months. 
At its best: now to 2016." 90 points Raymond Chan: "Bright, pale straw-yellow colour with green-golden hues. The bouquet is full and solid with a combination of soft gooseberry fruit, minerals and herbs with strong reductive gun flint complexities. Dry to taste, gently luscious gooseberry and passionfruit flavours unfold layers of reductive interest. The mouthfeel is soft in richness, with an intense, pungent and flinty amalgam forming a packed core. The acidity is restrained, allowing soft textures to carry the flavours to a dry, mellow finish. This is a soft and round textured Sauvignon Blanc with pungent fruity and gunflint infused flavours. 
Serve with seafood and herb-marinated poultry dishes over the next 2 years. 

Nestled under the southern foothills of Marlborough’s Wairau Valley, Clos Henri is the wine estate meticulously established and organically run by the famous Sancerre wine growing family of Henri Bourgeois.

Gathering 10 generations of know-how with Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir, the family have broadened their horizons and continue to craft exceptional wines in New Zealand.

From the three different soil types of the estate, partially comprised of a hill slope, the family uses the best of French and New World wine growing techniques to capture the essence of Marlborough’s intense character and reveal the identity of the Clos Henri terroir.



Owned by Pernod Ricard     

They were the first to plant and create the world’s first Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc wine – a style that has since changed the course of our country’s wine industry.

Beginning in 1934 as Montana Wines, the new name of Brancott Estate is inspired by Brancott Vineyard - their original Marlborough vineyard and home. The stunning Brancott Estate Heritage Centre is located on an elevated position overlooking the original Brancott Vineyard. The location highlights the beauty of the iconic Marlborough landscape, and celebrates the home of the original Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc plantings - a varietal that has gone on to become the world’s favourite New Zealand wine style.

Featuring a restaurant specialising in fresh regional produce, unique wine tastings and tours, an opportunity to see the endangered New Zealand Falcon and premium hosting facilities, any visit to Marlborough should include a stop at the Brancott Estate Heritage Centre.


Bladen Wines can only be found at the cellar door and through a few select New Zealand outlets and limited international markets.  

Owners Christine and Dave Macdonald are proud to personally present their wines at the award-winning Conders Bend Road cellar door, offering the friendliest welcome in the Marlborough district.

The Bladen name refers to Chris and Dave’s children – Blair and Deni – who were toddlers when the vineyard was developed.

“Generous family hospitality expressed in hand crafted Marlborough wines” 

They know first-hand each stone added to the property and how many holes dug in stony ground was required to start out. A total family committment that has resulted in such a wonderful icon spot for Marlborough.



Family roots run deep. Allan and Catherine Scott oversee every aspect of the business and have entrusted the key operational elements to each of their three children – Josh (Winemaking), Sara (Viticulturist) and Victoria (Marketing).

Along with the core range of Allan Scott Estate wines, there is a single vineyard selection of prestige wines which uses the best grapes and careful cellaring to produce a limited volume of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling and Pinot Noir, with names like Hounds and Wallops to depict their origin.  In 1999, the winery also released a Methode Traditionnelle range which now includes five bubbles all of which are produced on site and the most recent addition to the family holdings is their Scott Base Vineyard in Central Otago. 


They are delighted to announce that their Scott Base range of special wines is now available by the glass straight from the barrel from selected fine wine bars and restaurants.

Made with all the experience and enthusiasm that comes with our 23 years of wine making, these are single vineyard wines produced only in small quantities, carefully crafted to give full expression to their regional characteristics.


It’s innovation.They have put a sophisticated, novel spin on the traditional model, thinking outside the square and thinking of new possibilities of doing things slightly differently and for good reason.

It’s sustainable. Serving wine from the barrel means it is fully recyclable, has a low carbon footprint, there is no glass and far less energy and resources are used in its production. Wine by the barrel also provides greater storage efficiency.

It’s fresh, which means no oxidation! There is no air contact during any of the wine storing or pouring process so the wine reaches you exactly as our winemakers intended! Quality is assured, and there is no bottling line interference and no bottle shock. Your glass is filled with exactly what our winemakers taste in the cellar. Still the same exceptional quality you have come to expect, it’s the same wine!   Try the Phat Jam!


Established in 2008 and grew to be the largest privately owned vineyard in New Zealand. Now expanded to include Marlborough Lines as a share partner.

Founder and Principal, Peter Yealands is beyond a vineyard or business owner; a trend-setter, an entrepreneur, a visionary. He planted a vineyard larger than the entire Waipara Valley’s vine area, all in one go, in the coolest, windiest spot in the Awatere in view of the sea. And he did it at a time when no one else would. 

His philosophy ‘Think boldly, tread lightly and never say it can’t be done’ has made Yealands Estate one of the most sustainable wine growers in the entire world.In order to ‘tread lightly’, diesel exhaust from tractors which is responsible for most of the carbon emission on a vineyard must be eradicated. To solve the problem, a special breed of miniature sheep called Babydoll were bred in the vineyard to graze and naturally fertilize. The result? Yealands Estate is the very first vineyard in the world to be certified as carbonZero! 


The WHITEHAVEN philosophy centres on the pursuit of 'quality without compromise' a principle underpinning the entire winemaking cycle – from vineyard management to every bottle of pure Marlborough wine bearing the WHITEHAVEN label. 

Today the company is headed by Sue White, an enthusiastic advocate of the region, who continues to make the dreams she shared with her late husband Greg a reality.


The 1990s were a time of discovery and courage in Marlborough. Deep in the Waihopai Valley, Bryan and Jan Johnson had the audacity to establish 320 acres of estate vineyards on land considered too hard, too dry and too in-fertile for wine.

It was a venture that started with a passion for the land. This pioneering spirit established one of New Zealand’s most successful boutique family-run wineries, now exporting eight varietals to 35 countries, from a crush capacity of 3000 tonnes. 

Today, Spy Valley’s commitment remains to the land and to the people who tend it – we are simply farmers at heart, nurturing soil and vine to cultivate the complexities in our wine. And we’re mindful that it’s our focus on sustainability which will ensure our guardianship of this land for generations to come.  

We’re considered a little clandestine around here, deep in our bewitching valley.  Perhaps it comes with being named for our proximity to the spy base down the road, but we like a bit of mystery. 

Perhaps it’s because they are always searching for the best of the best to produce exceptional wine.  Perhaps it’s because managing eight varieties of grapes takes a great deal of knowing the land, the environment and climate, and in the past they have classified these traditions.

These are secrets, however, that they decided it’s time to share.


THE NED           

New Zealand Wine Producer of the Year at the China Wine and Spirits Awards 2013 & New Zealand Winery of the Year - IWSC London 2011.

Marisco Vineyards, home of world renowned brands The Ned & The Kings Series, is located in the Waihopai Valley of Marlborough New Zealand - a location which provides a near perfect environment for producing wines of startling character. 
Owned and operated by Brent (Chief Winemaker) and Rosemary Marris - we are a progressive wine company committed to building brands and taking the unique Marlborough, New Zealand story of wine to the world.


Owned by Pernod Ricard       

Stoneleigh Vineyard is situated in the heart of Rapaura area on the Northern side of the Wairau Valley and lies within an area known locally as the ‘Golden Mile’. This ‘Golden Mile’ is a fertile strip of land covered with ancient river stones and is highly regarded for its outstanding grape-growing conditions. The resulting wines are aromatically lifted, as well as riper in spectrum, a result of higher concentration of the stones in the area and the effect these have on the vines. As evidence of an ancient riverbed, Stoneleigh takes its name from the stones that cover our vineyard. The stones store and reflect the sun’s heat up into the vines, enhancing the ripening process and contributing to the unique taste of Stoneleigh wines


Delegat Group Limited is a leading producer of Super Premium branded New Zealand wines for export and domestic markets.

Established in 1947, Delegat Group Limited is the proud producer and marketer of the internationally-acclaimed Delegat and Oyster Bay wines.

Described more recently by leading London wine writer, Giles Kime, as “pretty close to being the elusive stuff of dreams”, Oyster Bay takes its name from the local ‘Oyster Bay’ on the tip of New Zealand’s majestic South Island. Oyster Bay’s reputation has been built from vines grown in Marlborough’s central Wairau Valley now recognised as one of the great wine growing regions of the world. With its cool, sunny, maritime climate and its shallow, stony soils etched across great alluvial plains by ancient glaciers, Marlborough is described in Oz Clarke’s Wine Atlas as “.one of the greatest places on earth to grow vines, producing some of the world’s most remarkable wines.”

Their philosophy at Oyster Bay is to produce fine, distinctly regional wines that are elegant and assertive with glorious fruit flavours. 


Set in amongst a working family vineyard just 10 minutes from central Blenheim, Nic's Shed is conveniently close to town but has the space and tranquility of a country retreat. Picton is only half an hour away and the beautiful Marlborough Sounds close to explore.

Within walking distance the world renown St Clair Vineyard and Restaurant and  Makana boutique chocolate factory across the road, there is no need to go hungry.

It’s a short drive or bike ride to other well known wineries and cafes all located on the popular Wairau Plains.

Step directly off the veranda into the beautifully managed vineyard, walk amongst the vines, soak up the sun and enjoy the atmosphere of Marlborough from the comfort of Nic's Shed vineyard accommodation. 



Kevin and Kimberley Judd continue their Marlborough wine dream with their ‘Greywacke’ label which in a short time has become recognised as one of the most exciting in the region. With around three decades of winemaking experience with Marlborough fruit, Kevin quietly pushes the boundaries of complexity and style of his wines so they capture the interest of the serious and sophisticated wine lover. However, the wines retain the essential accessible fruit-expressive nature of the Marlborough region that makes them world famous. 


Small, family orientated team headed by Margaret and Ivan Sutherland and Wendy and James Healy.

In every bottle of Dog Point Vineyard Wine is impeccable attention to detail and a thoughtful hands on approach. This focus is expertly partnered with a low interventionist ethos. Fruit is hand-picked from low cropped, estate grown vines, then hand crafted with great care to produce fine wines that are accessible and enjoyable with cellaring potential. 

OUR PIONEERS           

The Family of Twelve is a fraternity of twelve of New Zealand’s most prestigious and enduring artisanal wineries. Founded in 2005, the Family’s vision is to nurture long term relationships with an emphasis on education both at home and in our key export markets. The promotion of New Zealand wine at its best is paramount.

Neither flashy nor fashionable our family table is about sharing a simpler set of beliefs; exchanging ideas while keeping a common thread that binds us all together. But our connection isn’t merely intellectual, on a practical level we share information, best practice and sometimes even secrets. Contrasting personalities, different wine regions and styles make up our family and we celebrate these differences. We are a family of twelve siblings with one voice and one purpose. Clarity in a crowded wine world.

This is the story of twelve dedicated New Zealand wine producers, tightly bound by a common love for the craft of fine wine growing. There are just twelve in this unique family of families, and that’s all there’ll ever be. We’re The Family of Twelve, New Zealand’s Wine Family.

Our Wineries

Information has been sourced from meeting the cellar door hosts and local winery restaurants  plus exerts from the winery websites.