Marlborough Sunset over the Sounds

Posted by Pamela March
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marlborough sunset over queen charlotte sound

No matter the landscape, there is always a glass of wine, a soft mellow breeze and a story to tell of the day.
Your Local Chauffeur spent many days growing up and embracing The Queen Charlotte Sound.

The fishing, the swimming, the dolphins, the pet snapper in Double Bay, Endeavour Inlet so serene then with hardly anyone about.
The wash of the Inter-Islander Ferry wondering if you are going to beat the swell and not get scared. Then when it comes enjoy the uplifting experience of excitement.

The story Pamela likes to tell her guests on tour is the succulent Blue Cod caught, Dad making a beer batter, Mum cutting up the lemons and buttering the bread (Sorry it had to be white bread!)
Plates piled high with crispy and tantalising tastes of the deep blue cod.

Fishing for groper (occasinal fierce barracuda) around Long Island, and going ashore at Ships Cove for a picnic.
The private tracks behind Furneaux Lodge and around the Bays with the farm dog Jet - the singing birds and whisp of the leaves on the pathway. The sight of the water through the native bush.

No matter our age the memories remain and luckily it is still there for our visitors to enjoy.